100% natural, 100% NZ made, 100% NZ wool

Welcome to Hunter Hills Woven Wool: home to one of the most unique and versatile woven wool blankets.

Sheep are shorn twice a year (July and December) and each sheep yields approximately 2kgs of certified organic wool at every shear. That’s enough to make a 2m2 of weave.

Before it's woven, the organic wool is washed in Timaru, made into yarn in Christchurch and returned to the farm ready for weaving.

A variety of weaves are produced; wool blankets, lambswool throws, duvet inners, underlays and rugs. Utilising an innovative weaving technique the farmer turns his wool into long-lasting, beautiful products.


Underlays and Duvet Inners

Organic hand-woven wool mattress underlays and duvet inners are made by the farmer using the wool from adult sheep. Once in use as an underlay or inside the duvet cover, the fibres in these warm, heavy, woven products felt, fixing the warp and weft of the wool fabric together. The duvet drops down around you for pleasant, secure warmth. Some children sleep more securely with heavier coverings and these handcrafted wool items are ideal.. A natural weighted blanket or calming blanket
Organic wool underlays and duvets are available in single (1m x 1.9m), queen (2m x 1.9m) and king size (2.3m x 1.9m).


Lambs wool blankets and throws

Organic lambswool blankets and throws are hand-woven from the wool of eight month old lambs. They are warm, soft, thick, and heavy, and ideal as a blankie for snuggling into in front of the fire (or TV) on a cold winter’s night, as a single blanket, or just as a spare blanket on the bed. They have been lightly felted but will become more cohesive, durable and insulating if used as an underlay on your bed first for a couple of weeks. You’ll find it will have become more naturally felted. Hand-crafted lamb’s wool throws make much-appreciated gifts as well. 

Lambs wool blankets and throws are approximately 1m x 1.7m and weigh over 2kgs........a natural weighted or calming blanket



Hand woven wool rugs are crafted in an identical way to the other weavings however, the natural coloured wool is sourced from other Canterbury farms. These are made from adult sheep’s wool and each one is individual. These luxurious rugs are identical on their reverse side, unlike knotted or commercial rugs. The underside will felt over time and this is desirable, providing more durability. Please ask for colours available.

Hand-woven rugs are approximately 1m x 1.9m and weigh approximately 2kgs.


Caring for your woollen weave

Blankets and rugs will shed a few fibres initially but these are easily vacuumed and shedding ceases over time.

Airing and drying in the sun is the best way to keep your blankets and other woven wool products fresh.
Single blankets, throws, and rugs (1.9m x 1m sizes) may be washed inside a cotton bag in a washing machine set to the wool cycle. Make sure the cotton bag is tightly closed. After washing hang the throw on a clothesline to dry in the sun.

Larger queen and king blankets are unlikely to fit in a household washing machine, however just airing on the clothesline is a good way to freshen them up.
If you’re not sure, call the farmer. He’s always happy to help.

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