Hand woven wool rugs are crafted in an identical way to the other weavings however, the natural coloured wool is sourced from other Canterbury farms. These are made from adult sheep wool and each one is unique. These luxurious rugs are identical on their reverse side, unlike knotted or commercial rugs. The underside will felt over time and this is desirable, providing more durability. Please ask for colours available.

Each hand woven wool rug is approximately 1m x 1.7m and weigh 2kgs.

Rugs will shed a few fibres initially but these are easily vacuumed and shedding ceases over time.

Hunter Hills Organics Hand Woven Wool Rugs, crafted with the same care and attention as our other weavings. These rugs are made from adult sheep wool sourced from other Canterbury farms, providing a unique and natural look. The natural coloured wool is hand-woven to create a luxurious, one-of-a-kind rug that is identical on both sides. Unlike knotted or commercial rugs, the underside of our hand-woven wool rugs will felt over time, providing added durability and character.

Each rug measures approximately 1m x 1.7m and weighs 2kgs.

It may shed a few fibers initially, but this is normal and can be easily vacuumed. Over time, shedding will cease. We have a variety of colors available, please ask for more information. 

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